About Chinainfo.org

chinainfo.org is the free online database for Chinese businesses, companies, factories, suppliers, exporters, importers and products. It has served as a critical link between Chinese business community and global buyers and vendors since 2005.


INTBIT plays an important role to connect the global trading dots by providing the essential information to those look beyond the horizon for new opportunities. Since the blooming internet evolution in developing world, we have been providing the world well-organized business information for better resourcing and marketing, especially for the small and middle sized businesses and international trading communities.

Today INTBIT is dedicated to help our customers gain access, at an affordable cost, to the valuable sources and information that used to be privileges of multinationals, by offering the prefect technologies and right experiences. From online directories and portals, ready-to-go business directories/databases, customized trade leads to on-demand data collecting & processing services, we are looking beyond the space and imagination boundary ..



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