Terms & Conditions

To access this website, or to register a membership of this website, you are to accept following terms & conditions. If you are not willing to accept any of them, please don't register and cancel all membership you already have.

1. Membership services are for end-users only

This website is designed for end-users, instead of any middle-ware, search engine, yellow pages or any other indirect, value-added businesses. You can use information on this website for serve your business (or yourself) but you can't use them to provide business services to 3rd parties. Those business services include but not limited to: a) Information indexing b) Directory compiling c) Information query & collection d)or any other commercial services based on information from our website.

2. Contents of this website

All list information provided by this website comes from a 3rd party or submissions from the listed units, this website didn't check or verify any of them and we are unable to hold responsibility for the accuracy of those information.
If you intend to do business with any listed businesses on this website, you are recommended to do all necessary background checking and credit investigation, and take all measures to avoid fraud.

3. Privacy

We collect only "business" information when you register, browse, send message using our website. You can decline to provide any information you think private or personal usage only. All information you provided to us through the submission system (except the contact form) are regarded as "non-personal" and "for business usage" and they might be published,forwarded or transferred to 3rd party, and,

Membership information

We don't sell membership information to 3rd parties unless the member listed its business to our "business database" explicitely. However, the membership database, member activities on this website are properties of this website and its owner. We reserve all rights on change our no-sale policies later. Membership information are used when you post online offers, or send feedbacks. We also share our online offers with 3rd parties, which may disclose your membership information (such as email, phone, fax ) to the 3rd party.

We don't send any marketing materials unless you subscribe them.

4. Services on this website

You are required to use this website for good purpose only and not to harm this websites.

5. Membership account

We reserve all rights to reject, modify, close, disable and terminate any membership.
You are required to maintain your membership carefully and protect it from being hacked, abused by any other parties. We are not responsible to lose or damage due to hacked membership account.

6. Services and fees

Some services and membership are fee-based and you may not enjoy them before all due fee are paid in full and in time.

7. Return and refund

All sales are final and no return for refund accepted after payment received. If we failed to provide the product or service as advertised, we are to give full refund in 8 weeks since the product or service declared stopped. Membership fee will be partial refunded if we fail to provide membership service.

8. Copyright and Trademark

All trade marks used by this website are protected by law and international protocols. All copyrights, trademarks and other intelligent rights are properties of their respective owners.
You are required to get authorization if you want to use any of them. This website don't provide this kind of authorization.

9. Warranty

The services and information on this website are provided AS IT IS and there is no warranty on any non-physical service.

10. Limited liabilities

This website cannot be responsible to the results directly or indirectly caused by using information or services provided by this website. The total responsibility of this website are limited by the total amount you paid when you order those information or services.

11. Update and changes

This website may update and change above terms and conditions any time without notice. You can cancel your membership and service orders if there is a change you cannot accept.



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